Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Admission

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What are the most important admissions criteria?

  • High school or college transcript
  • SATs or ACTs
  • Letters of recommendation
  • School and community activities
  • Personal essays
  • Portfolio review (for art majors only)
  • Audition (for students interested in the BFA in Acting)

Your credentials are reviewed individually and carefully by members of the Enrollment Management staff. Particular emphasis is placed on your academic records, including the type of program followed and the grades and class rank earned. Standardized test scores and counselor and teacher recommendations are required. Participation in school and community activities, work experience and other supporting credentials are considered in the evaluation.

Is an Interview Required?

A personal one-on-one meeting with an Enrollment Management Counselor is encouraged although not a requirement for admission. This is NOT an interview and it is not evaluative—you get to ask the questions! A one-on-one meeting allows the opportunity to discuss your credentials with a member of the Enrollment Management Staff and ask questions about the admissions and financial aid processes. These meetings are typically reserved for transfer students and continuing education students. Traditional first-year students are encouraged to attend an information session.

How many letters of recommendation are required?

We ask for two, one from a teacher of an academic subject and one from your counselor. You are certainly welcome to send additional letters, but they are not required.

Is there a deadline for admission?

No, we are on a rolling admissions cycle and do not have a specific deadline, but there are priority deadlines. To view these deadlines, please click here. We encourage you to submit your application as early as possible in the academic year in order to receive full consideration for scholarships and need-based financial aid while funds are available. You will be notified of the admission decision usually within several weeks from the date of completion of the application.

What is the minimum SAT/ACT score?

We do not have a minimum SAT/ACT score required for admission. We accept students with a range of scores and evaluate standardized test scores in balance with other parts of the application. We look at your highest verbal score and highest math score. We do not require the SAT II. 

When do I apply for scholarships? What scholarships do you offer?

There is no separate application required to be considered for scholarship money. Every student who is accepted to the University is automatically reviewed for scholarship at that time. Typically, you will be notified of your scholarship eligibility within a few weeks of your acceptance. For fall 2013/spring 2014, we offer Distinguished Scholarships that go up to $23,000 annually and are based upon the strength of a student's academic profile. We also offer Achievement Awards that go up to $15,000 annually and are awarded to students who demonstrate involvement in extra-curricular activities and/or community service (note: higher annual Achievement Award amounts from $8,000-$15,000 are reviewed on the basis of student's academic records). 

I am an art student. How do I schedule my portfolio review?

Acceptance to the University and acceptance to the art department are two separate procedures. To be considered for possible acceptance into the art department, you must submit a portfolio of your work for review. Each year, we offer many days during which you can have a portfolio review. You may also submit slides as well. Please contact the Enrollment Management Office for dates, portfolio guidelines, and other questions.

I am a theater student. How do I schedule an audition?

Acceptance to the University and acceptance to the BFA in Acting program are two separate procedures. An audition is required for students interested in the BFA in Acting. Please contact the Enrollment Management Office for audition dates and other information.

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