Assured Admissions to Graduate Programs

The best way to get into Arcadia’s nationally recognized programs—Physician Assistant, Physical Therapy, Forensic Science—is to be an Arcadia undergraduate.

Arcadia undergraduates (including transfer students) whose academic records and GRE scores meet the entrance requirements are assured admission into Arcadia’s graduate programs.

M.B.A. with a Global Perspective

Students who complete Arcadia’s Accelerated Degree Completion program with a 3.0 GPA or better overall and in business courses and who have two years of work experience are assured admission into Arcadia’s M.B.A. with an International Perspective. This 22-month M.B.A. program is designed for working professionals.

Forensic Science

Students who complete Arcadia’s pre-Forensic Science program are assured admission to the Forensic Science master’s program. Arcadia's undergraduate students study either Chemistry or Biology, and many participate in the Honors Program. Arcadia University is one of only 11 universities in the nation offering a FEPAC-accredited master’s in Forensic Science.

International Peace and Conflict Resolution

Undergraduate students on this 4+2 track prepare for the Master of Arts in International Peace and Conflict Resolution by pursuing a liberal arts undergraduate major in the social sciences or humanities, such as International Studies, Political Science, or Global Legal Studies. Students complete the prerequisite and recommended courses and study abroad for one or two semesters.

Physical Therapy

This is a 4+D.P.T. program leading to the Doctor of Physical Therapy (D.P.T.) degree from Arcadia, which has the #7 ranked PT program in the nation. Students pursue an undergraduate major in a discipline such as Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, Sociology, Business or Health Administration. Prerequisite courses needed for graduate-level study include Biology, Human Physiology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology and Statistics. Students are strongly urged to work closely with the adviser from their chosen major to coordinate the requirements of their major and the prerequisite courses for graduate-level professional work.

Physician Assistant

This is a 4+2 program, with four years of undergraduate study and two years of graduate study in the Physician Assistant program. Students interested in becoming part of the Physician Assistant program must first earn a bachelor’s degree in a major such as Biology, Chemistry or Psychology and complete prerequisite courses. Arcadia University undergraduates whose academic records and Graduate Record Examination scores (GRE) meet the 4+2 entrance requirements are assured admission into the graduate program at the end of the senior year.

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