Jessie Farese

Jessie Farese

Hometown Colonia, NJ
High School Colonia High School
Major Biology/Pre-Forensic Science
Study Abroad or Study Away Experience As a first year I'm going to go to Greece during spring break through Arcadia's amazing Spring Preview Program! It'll be my first experience outside of the US.
Clubs and Organizations I am involved in intramural volleyball and I've done community service, Boo at the Zoo, through the PAW club.
Favorite Campus Event Frost Fest was amazing this year. Basically, Arcadia provides you with free pizza, ice cream, and bands! This year Safetysuit and Darry Miller and the Veil performed for us. It was so cool and I got to meet the band afterward!!
What I love about Arcadia The campus is almost too gorgeous to be real and I love it! I also like how easy it is to get across campus, especial if you're late for a class! And then there's so much to do here: there are dances, comedians, and you're so close to Philly!
Why I chose to attend Arcadia At first, what drew me in was the campus itself. It was so gorgeous and all I wanted was to live in the castle. This happened my freshman year of high school. I took a tour with my older sister and just fell in love. Then I also found out what a big deal Study Abroad was here. What tipped my heart to come to Arcadia in the end was their great Forensic Science Graduate Program.

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