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There shall be three Standing Committees and numerous General Committees as the Council shall determine to be desirable in advancing the program and goals of the Association. Each such committee shall exercise such powers and perform such duties as may be prescribed in the Bylaws and/or by the Steering Committee.

The powers and duties of each committee are as follows, indicated in the Bylaws of the Arcadia University Alumni Association.

Standing Committees
Three standing committees are necessary to ensure that the key functions of the Association are always in place.

* Committee on Nominations chaired by a member of the Steering Committee designated by the President. Committee members are selected by the Chair and cannot be candidates for the positions under consideration. The committee shall also include the Director of Alumni Relations ex officio, who shall staff the committee's operation. This committee shall present annually a slate of candidates for Steering Committee Officer and At-Large Representative.

* Committee on the Leadership Council chaired by a member of the Leadership Council and consisting of three or more members of the Leadership Council or Steering Committee, who shall work to set the objectives of the annual meeting of the Council and ensure that this meeting achieves these objectives, and who shall in general attend to the good health and well-being of the Leadership Council with special focus on strategic planning.
* Committee on Awards and Honors/Alumni Trustee chaired by a member of the Steering Committee designated by the President and including the Director of Alumni Relations. This committee shall administer an annual awards process for different categories of outstanding volunteer service to the Institution; Reunion Awards for Meritorious Service and Distinguished Achievement; Senior Golden Disc Award, and Annual Fund awards.
These awards should seek largely to honor alumni, but can include parents, friends of the Institution, faculty and staff whose contributions above and beyond the call of duty fit the criteria for this award. This committee is charged with filling the position of Alumni Trustee on the Board of Trustees.  Members call for nominations from the President, University Advancement, Trustees and alumni. Members make recommendation of 3-4 nominees to the Trustees and Honors Committee of the Board of Trustees, which committee interviews candidates and makes final approval for vote.
General Committees
The Steering Committee may from time to time create or dissolve committees (other than Standing Committees) as it believes necessary to ensure that current key functions of the Association are addressed. The Steering Committee shall authorize and announce a the beginning of each academic year the names of the General Committees that shall operate in the year to come. Some General Committees may expire at the end of the academic year, while others will be reauthorized to continue.
These committees may include, but are not limited to:
* Admissions/Student Enrollment shall work with the Enrollment Management Office to advise and help administer the network of alumni representatives involved in activities relating to the recruitment of prospective students.

* Annual Giving shall work with the Annual Giving Office to advise on the development of giving opportunities among alumni,especially reunion classes, the annual setting of goals, general troubleshooting, and the identification of volunteers doing outstanding work in fundraising whose names shall be forwarded as candidates for recognition by the Committee on Awards and Honors.
* Careers and Internships shall work with the Office of Career Education to design and plan a career workshop series each year as well as support and enhance the alumni mentoring initiative, making a special effort initially to recruit upcoming older reunion classes as prospective mentors for students. Engage alumni who can offer internships and access to foundations.
* Chapters and Clubs shall work to promote and develop Chapters and Clubs as organizational units with strong leadership, solid structure, good internal communications and an active body of local alumni. The committee shall develop and maintain workshops, manuals and templates for chapter organization and activities, and shall troubleshoot as needed, as well as identify outstanding chapter leadership worthy of consideration by the Committee on Awards and Honors.
Classes and Reunions shall work to promote and develop the class as an organizational unit with strong leadership, solid structure, good internal communications, and an active and increasingly successful reunion tradition. The committee may deem it desirable to establish a sub-committee on reunions and expand its advisory role to include the Institution's core program for reunions.
* Communications shall review regularly all alumni communications including the alumni magazine, class notes, and high tech/online, and recommend changes and improvements as it sees the need. This committee should include a representative of University Communications, as well as selected students and young alumni especially skilled in the development and application of online and social media opportunities for alumni relations. The committee should regularly oversee the network of Class Editors.
* Community Engagement shall work with the Office of Student Affairs to identify resources in the community which will enhance the student's experience while at Arcadia. Resources may be of a practical (e.g. where are stores/restaurants/etc.?) or a cultural nature (e.g., are free or student discounts available?). This committee may also help identify community based experiential learning opportunities (e.g., volunteer opportunities). The purpose is to help enrich the student experience using the rich resources of the community which surrounds Arcadia University. (This committee is in the development phase and its purpose and description are not finalized)
* Parents of Alumni shall work with the Parents' Network through the Office of Student Affairs to develop a support system and network for Parents of Alumni of Arcadia University. (This committee is in the development phase and its purpose and description are not finalized)
* Young Alumni and Students shall promote and develop young alumni activity within regional chapters integrating with the chapter, but planning activities and events of particular interest to the young alumni one to five year out of Arcadia. This committee will be co-chaired by a young alumni and a current upperclassman student. This committee may deem it expedient to have a sub-committee on students that shall oversee the development and maintenance of a system on campus for inculcating in students from their first arrival at Arcadia those values that will promote a lifelong relationship with the University. In order to carry out the mission of this committee, the co-chairs and committee members should partner with the Office of Alumni Relations staff. This committee should include selected current students, young alumni, as well as older alumni.

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