Nominations for the Alumni Association Board

Each year, the Arcadia University Alumni Association asks its membership to nominate candidates as Board Members or Alumni Trustees, for the Alumni Board of Directors as well as members of the Nomination Committee. The term of office for most roles is two years. Officers and Directors can be asked to serve a second term.

The leadership and activities of the Alumni Association depend upon its Officers and Directors, each of whom has a major role in directing an Alumni Association activity, usually through Board Committees such as Affiliation, Programs, Careers and Clubs. 

Detailed role descriptions for Directors, Officers, Alumni Trustees and Nominating Committee members are available from the Alumni Office on request. 

Please call the Alumni Office at 215-572-2160 or e-mail the Alumni Office at with your suggestions before February of each year. If you e-mail, make the subject of your e-mail the name of the position for which you are nominating a candidate. Include in your e-mail the name of the candidate you are nominating, your alumni name, your class year and daytime phone number.

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