National Championship Rifle Teams 1948, 1950, 1951

In 1939, the National Rifle Team regularly competed in the National Women's Intercollegiate Championships. In matches from 1939 through 1951, the Arcadia team finished among the top three teams. In 1948, with Coach Linford Schober, the team won its first National Championship. Margaret Mitchell also won the overall college championship. The team was so good that the U.S. Marine Corps squad challenged the college women to a match. Much to the Marines' chagrin, they lost by a score of 979 to 973. In 1950 and again in 1951, the team repeated its stellar performance, winning the National Women’s Intercollegiate Championship. Top scorer Nancy Mitchell '50 and Marilyn Johnson '52, both of whom obtained a score of 496 out of a possible 500, led the 1950 team to victory. The top scorer in the 1951 Nationals was Virginia Fulmer ’51, with 498 points out of a possible 500. The team shot 2,474 out of a possible 2,500 points.

1948 Rifle Team
Nancy Mitchell Anderson ’50
Joy Freas Coleman ’50
Lucille Kraske Connell '48
Barbara Klein Fraser ’50
JoAnn Lissfelt Nassutti ’52
Marilyn Johnson Reilley ’51
Mary Bunjevac Timmerman ’50

1950 Rifle Team
Ellen Rich Allen ’52
Marilyn Cook Bulkley ’50
Annette Lauer Collins ’51
Juanita (Nita) Phillips Davis ’54
Barbara Jones Earle ’52
Beverly Gifford Gottschalk ’53
Virginia Fulmer Haist ’51
Marjorie Hicks ’51
Dorothy Johnston Hoppe ’51
Edith Roberts Jameson ’51
Elizabeth Flanagan Jones ’50 (dec.)
Marjorie Updegrove Kaskey ’52
Ann Little ’53
Jo Ann Lissfelt Nassutti ’52
Eleanor Irwin Owens ’53
Marilyn Johnson Reilley ’51
Louise Bucher Sharp ’51
Helene Fox Tobias ’51
Suzanne Divine Williams ’52

1951 Rifle Team
Joan Christopher Aliotta ’55
Elaine (Pat) Whiteman Doolittle ’53
Beverly Rappaport Goldberg ’53
Beverly Gifford Gottschalk ’53
Ruth Weber High ’54
Marjorie Updegrove Kaskey ’52
Ann Little ’53
Joan Whelihan Lundborg ’53
Beverly Darling McLean ’54
Jo Ann Lissfelt Nassutti ’52
Matilda Vincent Nicholson ’53 (dec.)
Faith Nightingale ’53
Nancy Norman ’53
Rosemary Steunenberg-Laporte ’53
Pamela Gross Wilder ’53

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