About Summer Sessions

Every May through August, Arcadia’s School of Continuing Studies offers Summer Sessions at Arcadia. Over three distinct sessions, Summer Sessions at Arcadia.

  • Builds on the foundation of the university’s Academic Affairs mission by striving to meet the needs of the rapidly changing career market
  • Offers and supports programs to meet the developmental needs of students, alumni, and the local community
  • Provides access to on-campus, online, and accelerated courses and special programs
  • Maintains its commitment to the Arcadia Promise
  • Welcomes both Arcadia students and visiting students from other colleges and universities
  • Features flexible timeframes, personal attention, and comparatively smaller class sizes

Summer Sessions at Arcadia seeks and supports the development of new programs to be offered in the summer for the benefit of the adult learner. Maintaining a student-focused mission, the Sessions collaborate with Arcadia Online and faculty to develop online and blended curriculum, which provides additional flexibility to the summer student. Supporting the mission of the academic department, the center works with full-time faculty to provide cutting age technology in the classroom and real-world experience to the students. 

Catch Up, Stay on Track, Get Ahead

Summer Sessions allows students of all types to maximize their learning opportunities. Whether staying on track or ahead of their degree-completion requirements, or adding desired additional knowledge to their interests or skill sets, summer is an ideal time to continue your educational pursuits.

Courses are accelerated and at varying durations and locations, making it easier to graduate or complete a program in a shorter period of time. This is particularly beneficial to teachers who need to maximize their course load in the summer, and to undergraduates who want to lighten their course load required in upcoming semesters. Summer Sessions features:

  • One to three week intensive courses
  • Two, Five and half week face-to-face sessions
  • Partially Online Courses
  • Fully Online Accelerated Courses
  • Institutes – One weekend, plus four weeks online

Summer Welcomes Visiting Students 

Arcadia welcomes visiting students from other colleges and universities. Visiting undergraduates may take up to 9 credits before having to apply or see an academic advisor. Students returning home for the summer have a choice to take selected classes on Arcadia’s two campuses (Glenside or King of Prussia) or fully online. 

Visiting graduate students are permitted to take up to 9 credits before having to matriculate into a program; and with accelerated summer courses, many students meet that maximum in one summer.

Contact Us

  • Mailing address: c/o Arcadia University School of Continuing Studies, 1150 First Avenue, Suite 700, King of Prussia, PA
  • Location: Arcadia’s King of Prussia Campus
  • Phone: 484-804-2322
  • E-mail: Beth Specker, Director of Education Initiatives and Summer Sessions at Arcadia, speckerb@arcadia.edu
Name/E-mail Link Title Phone
Dr. Erik Nelson Dean, School of Continuing Studies  215-572-2944
Beth Specker Director, Education Initiatives and Summer Sessions at Arcadia 484-804-2328


Summer Sessions at Arcadia University

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