Creative Writing Institute Questionnaire

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This workshop is a partially online course, with four weeks of online class work. Have you ever taken a partially- or fully-online course before?


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What will be your school standing in the fall of 2013?

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Arcadia University Current Students or Alumni

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Have you taken EN212 – Writing Poetry & Fiction? 



If you haven’t taken EN212 at Arcadia, please list the creative writing classes you have taken at Arcadia.

Visiting Arcadia Students

Please answer the following questions if you are new to Arcadia.

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List the titles and the course numbers of the creative writing classes you have taken in the past, along with the school in which you took them:

Thank you for completing the survey!  This is the first step in the application process.  The information you have provided will be reviewed. 

You will be hearing from Professor Joshua Isard within 14 days, who may ask you for a writing sample. Eligible students who are new to Arcadia will be asked to provide a brief (2 page) writing sample. Professor Isard will give you additional details of where to send the writing sample if it is required as part of your application.

If you do not hear from us within 14 days, please contact Professor Isard at or 215-572-8525.

Thank you for your interest in the Creative Writing Institute!