Graduate Education New Student FAQs

I just learned that I am admitted, what do I do next?

Congratulations on your admission!  The next step in the process is to carefully read through your paperwork and return your admission acceptance to Arcadia.  After that, check your admission letter.  Your adviser’s name is in the letter.  You should call or email your adviser to schedule a time to meet and figure out your academic plan.

Who is my adviser and when do I meet with him or her?

Your admission letter has the name of your adviser in it.  As soon as you accept admittance to Arcadia’s School of Education, you should email or call your adviser to schedule a meeting to go over your academic plan.  If you have difficulty reaching your adviser, reach out to Patricia Szuhaj, Director of Administration in the School of Education, at 215-572-8618 or  Patricia will help you connect with your adviser.

How do I access MyArcadia?

MyArcadia can be accessed at: Your username is typically your first initial and last name (lowercase/no spaces) and the default password is usually your last name followed by the last 4 digits of your social security number.  MyArcadia will then prompt you to change your password.  If you have any trouble accessing MyArcadia, contact the Help Desk at 215-572-2898 or at:

When and how do I schedule my classes?

You should schedule your classes after you consult with your adviser. To register, you have two options:

  1. Go to the Registrar’s Office on the first floor of Taylor Hall (which is where the School of Education is located), and fill out a course registration form.  Turn it into the Registrar.  You may also fax the form to the Registrar at 215-572-2126.
  2. After you obtain your user name and password for MyArcadia (Arcadia’s Intranet), you can set up an account through Self Service at: and register for classes.  Information on how to register for classes may be found on the Arcadia website at

Once my classes are scheduled, how do I know when my classes start and where I should report for my classes?

Log in to Self Service at: (or access through and click on the Self Service tool). Once logged in to Self Service, click on “View Schedule” at the bottom of the screen. Your course information will pop up and you can see the name of your instructor, and course location, date and time, as well as a description of the course.

If I am taking an online course, how do I access it and know when to get started?

Log into MyArcadia at: Click on “Click to Login”. On the left of your screen towards the top, you will see 4 Campus Tools labeled: Blackboard, E-mail, Self-Service and Landman Library.  Click on “Blackboard”. Your course will be listed under “Current Semester Courses”. Click on the course and use the left navigation to locate course details.  If your course is not posted and you are sure that you are registered, it most likely means your professor has not posted it yet and you should check back (many professors don’t post the course until a week before the course starts).

How do I access my Arcadia e-mail?

Log into MyArcadia at:  On the left of your screen towards the top, you will see 4 Campus Tools labeled: Blackboard, E-mail, Self-Service and Landman Library.  Click on “E-mail”.  In general, your Arcadia email address will be the first letter of your first name, followed by your lastname (for instance, John Smith would be If you have trouble using or accessing your Arcadia email, contact the Help Desk at 215-572-2898 or at:

How do I access Blackboard?

Go to and enter your Arcadia user name and password.  On the left of your screen towards the top, you will see 4 Campus Tools labeled: Blackboard, E-mail, Self-Service and Landman Library. Click on “Blackboard”. 

How do I know who my professor is and how to contact her or him?

Log in to Self Service at: (or access through and click on the Self Service tool).  Once logged in to Self Service, click on “View Schedule”. Your course information will pop up and you can see the name of your instructor. You can access your professor’s contact information by visiting the Arcadia web site and accessing the University’s online directory at

How do I get a student ID card and parking pass?

Visit the Public Safety office in Dilworth Hall for your student ID and parking pass. Public Safety can be reached at 215-572-2900 for any questions and for office hours. 

How do I get my clearances so that I can do fieldwork or student teach?

You should begin the process of getting clearances at least six weeks before classes begin, if possible. Instructions for the clearances you will need as an Education student may be found on the Arcadia web site at Please note: If you do not have clearances by the time your class begins, you may not be able to do fieldwork in your course(s) or to student teach.  It is extremely important to complete the clearance process within the first week or so of your course. Clearances need to be updated annually, so each May you should begin the clearance process anew to be ready to teach in the fall semester.

How do I know what books I need to purchase and how do I purchase them?

You can visit the Arcadia Templeton Bookstore located in the Dining Hall and look up your ED course number in the Education section of the bookstore.  Books are shelved according to course number. You may also log into Self Service at: (or by accessing through and clicking on the Self Service tool). Once logged in to Self Service, click on “View Schedule.  There is an option to click for textbook information under your course information. Finally, you may access our Bookstore online at:

How do I pay for a course?

Students are billed for the courses after they have registered. The University posts fall tuition bills the first week of July, with payment due Aug. 1. Bills for the spring semester go out late November with a payment due date of Dec. 15. Summer tuition bills are posted in late April, with payment due May 10. All bills are eBills, which can be accessed through Self Service at: Students will get notification of their eBills through their Arcadia e-mail. 

How do I apply for financial aid?

Students must complete the FAFSA and additional Arcadia forms to apply for financial aid.  All forms can be found on our website at:  Make sure you click on “graduate students” and select the correct year.  The FAFSA can be completed at:  Be sure to list Arcadia, #003235 on the form.  Complete the Arcadia Graduate Student Financial aid Application, Graduate Student Federal Direct Stafford Loan Acceptance Form at  The Federal Direct Stafford Loan Master Promissory Note (MPN) and the Federal Direct Loan Entrance Counseling must be completed by first-time borrowers at Arcadia.  They can be completed online at   

Students may also contact their Graduate Financial Aid Counselor if assistance is needed

  • Michael Nuccio: 215-572-4034, Ed.D program in Special Education and Educational Leadership; Graduate Education students with the last names A through J.
  • Wendy McLaughlin: 267-620-4829, Graduate Education students with the last names K through Z

Can I use a payment plan?

Arcadia has flexible payment options, including payment plans.  Students can join the payment plan online at: or via MyArcadia at: and click on the Self Service tool.  A 10-month plan, with first payment due July 1 is available, as well as a 3, 4 or 5-month one-semester installment payment plan.  Deadline to join the 10-month and one-semester plan for the fall is August 31.  The spring semester plan runs from December through April.  Deadline to join the spring plan is Jan. 31.


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