Arcadia known for great fieldwork and faculty 

Joanna D'Orazio '14“What I heard is true: Arcadia’s fieldwork and faculty are incredible!”
— Joanna D’Orazio ’14, Early Elementary/Special Education, Dual Certification Program

I was drawn to Arcadia’s Education program because of the wealth of field experiences that the school provides, as well as the faculty.

What I heard is true: Arcadia’s fieldwork and faculty are incredible! With fieldwork, I have been in early childhood classrooms, urban schools, suburban schools, private schools, and special education schools since freshman year; designed units and lesson plans and taught them to students in the classroom; worked one-on-one with students; and taught small groups of students as well as whole-class lessons. I also have designed unit plans and implemented them in afterschool program. Other education programs do not provide students with ample field experiences, and many that do provide fieldwork only let the students simply observe. Arcadia is different. Here, you experience the day-to-day life of a classroom, which is critical for professional growth.

My classroom experience at Wissahickon Charter School (WCS), an urban charter school, was the most meaningful. When I first entered Arcadia’s program, I thought that urban ed was not for me. However, at WCS, I had an amazing experience getting to know the students I taught. Some of the students’ home situations were incredibly challenging. I was struck by how resilient they can be. WCS changed my whole “I am never teaching in an urban school” mindset, something I am truly grateful for.

The faculty are special, too. They are mentors who truly know me and help me grow personally and professionally. I would not be as prepared for student teaching if it weren’t for their help and support.

Because of my incredible experience with Arcadia’s Undergraduate Education Program, I decided to apply to the Master of Education Program at Arcadia. This was not my intention when I first enrolled at Arcadia as a freshman. However, this master’s program will allow me to continue to grow from Arcadia’s tremendous education curriculum and faculty. I am excited to achieve my dream of becoming a certified elementary and special education teacher with a master’s in reading education.

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