History Education


Master of Arts in Education Degree Requirements (M.A.Ed.)

(a minimum of 30 credits)

This program is individualized and planned with the coordinator.

Foundation Courses (6 Education credits)

The foundation courses (ED 501-510) provide knowledge basic to all aspects of Education.

Concentration Courses (15 History credits)

The concentration courses focus on a discipline other than Education. A minimum of 15 credits of the degree program must be taken in History; the remaining credits must be in Education.

Concentration courses are selected from the following:

  • HS 520 Topics in American History
  • HS 522 Sports in America
  • HS 525 European Fascism: Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany
  • HS 526 Age of Dictators-Hitler and Stalin
  • HS 530 Recent America, 1900 to 1945
  • HS 531 Contemporary America, 1945 to Present
  • HS 535 The Vietnam Wars
  • HS 536 Women in Western Society
  • HS 539 Heritage in the Classic World
  • HS 540 Ancient Greece, from Homer to Alexander the Great
  • HS 541 Special Studies in Ancient History: Ancient Rome
  • HS 542 The Italian Renaissance
  • HS 544 Women/Man’s World
  • HS 545 The City in American History Seminar
  • HS 546 The Soviet Union
  • HS 550 Turning Points in Western History
  • HS 555 The World at War, 1914 to 1945
  • HS 560 Modern Italy
  • HS 577 Labor in American History
  • HS 585 Topics in History
  • HS 689 Independent Research

Electives in Education (9 Education credits)

Electives (9 credits) chosen in consultation with adviser.

Culminating Activity (0-3 credits)

Culminating Activity

  • ED 596 Curriculum Development Project

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