Literacy Education Concentrations

The Literacy Education master’s/certification programs offered at Arcadia include:

Arcadia University has multiple pathways for graduate students wanting to understand literacy to a greater extent. Some options are focused on certification itself, while others are master’s degree programs. Across these literacy education graduate options at Arcadia, students will see several common themes:

  • an emphasis on meeting the needs of a diverse set of learners—in terms of school districts, communities, ages, previous experiences with literacy and schooling, learning processes, and language backgrounds
  • an understanding of the social and cultural as well as the psychological dimensions of literacy
  • an orientation toward individual, small-group and classroom assessment and instruction
  • an interest in understanding literacy as something that happens in classrooms, homes and communities and for a variety of purposes depending on the context
  • a perspective that includes literacy across content areas and across levels of schooling

Arcadia’s literacy programs stand out in part because they offer a combination of theory and practice and draw on both full-time faculty as well as outstanding literacy practitioners in the region. In addition, Arcadia’s Special Education programs are particularly strong and offer possibilities for those interested in literacy to gain a better understanding of the particular needs of learners with disabilities. Students interested in technology applications in literacy also may want to take courses that concentrate on instructional technology.

*Certification options within these areas can be embedded within a master's degree or stand alone.

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