Mathematics Education

Master's Degrees and Teacher Certification

About the Mathematics Education Program

This program enables teachers, administrators, and other formal and non-formal educators at all grade levels to enact meaningful mathematics teaching and learning in all possible learning environments. Interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary approaches are used to support rich mathematical investigations and to implement challenging curricular structures that exceed state and local standards and objectives.

The program is suitable for elementary, middle and high school teachers and administrators who want to specialize in mathematics education, those who work in educational agencies and curriculum development, community college instructors, and others who are interested in the best mathematics education practices for all students.

Master of Education Degree Requirements (M.Ed.)

Mathematics Education Concentration

(a minimum of 30 credits)

1. Foundation Courses (6–9 credits) chosen in consultation with the adviser from the following: ED 501–510

2. Concentration Courses (15 credits)

  • ED 526A Learning and Assessment in Elementary Mathematics
  • ED 526B Learning and Assessment in Secondary Mathematics
  • ED 527 Topics in Mathematics Education:
    • Professional Content Development for Elementary Mathematics
    • Teaching Algebra
    • Teaching Geometry
    • Teaching Calculus
    • Teaching Discrete Mathematics
    • Teaching Probability and Statistics
    • Mathematics in the Middle School
    • Teaching Developmental Mathematics
  • ED 528A Problem-Solving and Problem-Posing Workshop
  • ED 528B Clinical Mathematics Education
  • ED 529 Mathematics and the Curriculum (Required Course)
  • ED 534 Topics in Mathematics Curriculum Development
  • ED 558B Seminar for Mathematics Educators

3. Electives (6–9 credits) chosen with the adviser

4. Culminating Activity - ED596 (3 credits) - Arranged in consultation with the adviser at the time of completing the Degree Candidacy Application. A Practicum or Field Experience may not be used as the Culminating Activity for master’s degrees in Secondary Education.

Master of Arts in Education Degree Requirements (M.A.Ed.)

Mathematics Education Concentration

(a minimum of 30 credits)

This program is individualized and planned with the program Coordinator.

1. Mathematics Concentration

2. Education Foundation Courses (6 credits)

3. Concentration Courses (Mathematics) (15 credits)

4. Electives in Education (9 credits)

5. Culminating Activity (3 credits)

The foundation courses (ED 501–510) provide knowledge basic to all aspects of education. A minimum of 15 credits of the degree program must be taken in Mathematics; the remaining credits must be in Education.

Teacher Certification

Pennsylvania Instructional Teacher Certification (variable credit depending on previous academic credentials)

Mathematics Education 7–12

  • ED 503 General Foundations of Education in the United States
  • ED 512 Differentiated Instruction in Inclusive Classrooms
  • ED 523 The Teacher and the Classroom, Secondary
  • ED 526B Learning and Assessment in Secondary Mathematics
  • ED 565B Computers and Technology in the Mathematics Curriculum
  • ED 580 Introduction to Inclusive Education
  • ED 606 Strategic Instruction for Emergent and Content Area Literacy
  • ED 622 ESL: Multicultural and Multilingual Literacies
  • ED 471 Graduate Student Teaching Practicum: Secondary 7–12 (6 credits; credits not applicable to master’s degree or culminating activity)
  •     OR ED 583B Fieldwork (for students holding a valid Pennsylvania Instructional I or II certificate) (3 credits; credits not applicable to the master’s degree)

Additional Certification Requirements

1. Completion of all subject area coursework required to meet the general and specific certification standards of the Pennsylvania Department of Education. This will be determined by the program Coordinator.

2. A grade of “B” or better in the Graduate Student Teaching Practicum

3. Completion of all Pennsylvania Educator Certification Tests (PECT) is required prior to enrolling for the Student Teaching Practicum.

4. Proficiency in the skills of teaching as demonstrated through program fieldwork.



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