Relevant fieldwork inspires students to become great students, and in turn, great teachers

Rebeca Morales '15“I found that if I can make learning fun, offer the opportunity to all students to participate, and be open to go with the flow, I can reach any student.”
— Rebeca Morales ’15, Early Elementary/Special Education Dual Certification

I heard about Arcadia’s wonderful atmosphere— with its helpful and friendly staff and students—and now that I have been here a year, I am more certain than ever that the School of Education was the right choice for me. What sets this program apart from others is the fieldwork and connections we make throughout our courses. In just one year, I have seen, visited, volunteered, and done fieldwork in more than seven schools, and that experience has opened my eyes to the kind of teacher I want to be and the kind of setting and atmosphere I want to create as a teacher.

One experience that was particularly meaningful for me happened during my fieldwork at Jenkintown Day Nursery. The purpose of the fieldwork was to prepare a unit of lesson plans for a specific age group. My class was at the nursery school every Wednesday morning for three hours interacting with and teaching the children. One day, I was leading a group activity about rain and clouds. All of the students sat at the table except one boy, who the other teachers told me would probably not want to work in a group. As we started the activity—squirting drops of food coloring onto a pile of shaving cream to see how many drops it took before it started to “rain”—the children grew excited. Suddenly, I felt the boy’s head on my shoulder and heard him whisper, “Can I try?” So this little boy actually sat at the table, interacted with the other students, and brought a great energy to the group. I was amazed and happy to see him being part of the class.

From this experience, I found that if I can make learning fun, offer the opportunity to everyone to participate, and just be open to go with the flow, I can reach any student. I want to be the teacher who doesn’t count anyone out. I’m so excited to continue my journey to become a teacher—and I’m excited Arcadia’s School of Education is the path I’ve chosen to reach my goal!

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