Arcadia Partnerships with Educators, Schools and Cultural Institutions

Arcadia is committed to working with schools, educators, and cultural institutions to create opportunities for professional growth and educational improvement. Arcadia collaborates with many school districts in community/school-based outreach initiatives through its BBEST programs.

BBESt Program Director Ager

The BBEST Program  (Building Behavioral and Educational Support Teams) of Arcadia University specializes in developing positive and effective approaches to deal with challenging behaviors. Goals include improving classroom management, effective behavior management, and developing positive behavioral supports for parents, teachers, and schools. Specifically, BBEST professional activities include behavioral and academic consultations for school-wide interventions, and individual consultations for parents of children with autism or other developmental disabilities. Additional activities include applied behavioral analysis, teacher training, seminars, conferences, ongoing teacher support, and school-wide assessments. BBEST also provides organizational evaluations, team building and group development trainings to professional businesses.




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