Five-Year Program Requirements

For Combined Bachelor of Arts and Master of Education Concentrations

Students choosing this option graduate after four years of undergraduate study with a Bachelor of Arts in Education degree and complete their graduate program requirements as a graduate student in their fifth year. Upon completion of the fifth-year requirements, students graduate with a Master of Education degree in a selected area of concentration.

In order to complete this program in five years, students may begin to take graduate courses during the fourth year of their undergraduate program. Additionally, they are required to enroll in courses during the summer between the fourth and fifth years of the program. Courses will be chosen in consultation with the student’s adviser.

Requirements for Admission

  1. Obtain admission to the School of Education.
  2. Maintain a GPA of 3.0 in all Education courses.
  3. Obtain two recommendations from the School of Education faculty.
  4. Show evidence of personal maturity
  5. Apply for admission into the Five–Year program in Fall of the Junior year.
  6. Once accepted, apply for admission to the School of Education.

Five-Year Programs are available in the following areas:


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