Loeffler Carole

Ms. Carole Loeffler

Associate Professor of Art and Design

It is the knowledge, investigation, exploration, and continual experience of making that motivates me. It is the desire to explore, push, pull, wrap and stretch ordinary materials in unexpected ways to create animated personalities and environments.

The object feels…conjoining human feeling and physical properties of objects. These new, feeling objects, presented as art, can no longer be understood as detached and impersonal—rather, they have been imbued with sensuality and sexuality. It becomes fraught with perturbations and passions, becomes swollen and agitated, rises and falls. Similarly, the human being is transformed into a feeling object. This absurd condition—objects palpitating like humans, while humans are reduced to objects…the object is given life… Germano Celent “Claes Oldenburg and the Feeling of Things” from Claes Oldenburg: An Anthology 1995 Guggenheim Museum Publications New York, NY.


  • Loeffler, C. (2008). Hovering Above, Abington Art Center & Sculpture Park, Abington, PA. (Group Exhibition)
  • Loeffler, C. (2008). Currents, Studio Montclair, Court Gallery, William Patterson University, NJ. (Group Exhibition)
  • Loeffler, C. (2008). Abundance, Schuylkill Gallery, Philadelphia, PA. (Group Exhibition)
  • Loeffler, C. (2007). Contemporary Works 2007, Phoenix Village Art Center Gallery, Phoenixville, PA. (Group Exhibition)
  • Loeffler, C. (2007). The Greater Good, Site and Architecture Workshop, Philadelphia, PA. (Group Exhibition)
  • Loeffler, C. (2007). Fringed, Full, Furry and Fuzzy, Art Gallery, Eastern Washington University, Cheney, WA . (Solo Exhibition)
  • Loeffler, C. (2006). infestation, Window on Broad, Rosenfeld-Wolf Galleries, Philadelphia, PA. (Solo Exhibition)
  • Loeffler, C. (2006). sensations & wishes, Howard Community College Gallery, Columbia, MD. (Solo Exhibition)
  • Loeffler, C. (2006). Materiality: Sculpture and Installation, Resnikoff Gallery, Roxbury, MA *two-person
  • Loeffler, C. (2005). tubes/tuffets, Gallery One, McHenry County College Gallery, Crystal Lake, IL. (Solo Exhibition)
  • Loeffler, C. (2005). linger, Gallery Two, McHenry County College Gallery, Crystal Lake, IL. (Solo Exhibition)
  • Loeffler, C. (2004). Dangling, draped and dilly-dallying, Community Center Gallery, Greenbelt, MD. (Solo Exhibition)

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