Dr. Dina PinskyDr. Dina Pinsky

Assistant Professor of Sociology, Coordinator of Gender and Women’s Studies Minor

Dina Pinsky is assistant professor of sociology and coordinator of gender and women’s studies. She earned a B.A. in sociology from Barnard College and a Ph.D. in sociology with a certificate in women’s studies from CUNY Graduate Center. Dr. Pinsky’s research focuses on a variety of areas including:  American Jewish identity, political activism, historical sociology, qualitative research, and erotic labor. She is the editor of website reviews for the journal Southern Jewish History.

Dr. Pinsky is the author of the book, Jewish Feminists: Complex Identities and Activist Lives, published by University of Illinois Press in 2010. The book, based on her interview study of American Jewish feminists from the 1960s and '70s women’s movement, examines how Jewishness and feminism converge in the life histories and identities of second-wave feminist activists. Dr. Pinsky’s current research projects include an exploration of Jewish identity among Jews living in small towns in the Jim Crow South and a study of emotional labor and skill in the dominatrix industry. 

Courses Taught

Social movements, introduction to sociology, research methods, women in society, feminist theories, senior seminar, sociology of American Jewish life, inequality.

Recent Publications and Presentations

  • Pinsky, Dina (forthcoming) “The Sustained Snapshot: Incidental Ethnographic Encounters in Qualitative Interview Studies” Qualitative Research.
  • Pinsky, Dina (Fall 2012) "Goldring/Woldenberg Institute of Southern Jewish Life Website Review" Southern Jewish History (Vol.15).
  • Levey, Tania and Pinsky, Dina (2012) “Skill and Creativity in the Life Stories of Professional Dominatrices”  Eastern Sociological Society.
  • Pinsky, Dina (2010) Jewish Feminists: Complex Identities and Activist Lives, University of Illinois Press.
  • Pinsky, Dina (2008) “Complicated Assimilations:  Experiences of Difference among Mid-twentieth Century Southern Jews” Association for Jewish Studies.
  • Pinsky, Dina (2007) “Review of Working Construction:  Why White Working Class Men are Putting Themselves--and the Labor Movement--in Harm's Way, by Kris Paap” Gender & Society (Vol. 21 Issue 6).
  • Pinsky, Dina and Garcia, Ana Maria (2007) “Teaching in the Post-Racist Classroom” Eastern Sociological Society.
  • Pinsky, Dina (2005) “’You (Don’t) Gotta Have Faith’: Intergenerational Jewish Feminist Research” in Still Believing, edited by Victoria L. Erickson and Susan A. Farrell. Orbis Books.
  • Pinsky, Dina (2005) “Rethinking the Paradigm of Hegemonic and Subordinated Masculinities” Eastern Sociological Society annual meeting.
  • Pinsky, Dina (2005) “Is There a Jewish Masculinity?: Masculinity Theory and Jewish Male Feminists” The Philadelphia Jewish Feminist Scholars and Writers Circle.
  • Pinsky, Dina (2004) “Accommodating or Transforming Patriarchy?: Feminist Approaches to Judaism”  American Sociological Association annual.

Selected Reviews of Jewish Feminists (available on-line)



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