Phillips Naomi

Dr. Naomi Phillips

Associate Professor of Biology

Dr. Phillip’s research interests span a variety of evolutionary and ecological issues within marine algal ecosystems. Topics include exploration of speciation patterns and ocean basin patterns of biogeography in marine algal systems especially the Pacific Basin; determining biodiversity and community structure in off shore Hard bank algal communities in the Gulf of Mexico and examining taxonomic and phylogenetics issues within one of the largest groups of marine primary producers, the brown algae using phylogenomic methods of gene discovery.

Recent Publications

  • Phillips, N., Kapraun, D. F., Garreta, A., Siguan, A., Rull, J. L., Soler, N., Lewis, R. & Kawai, H. (2011). Nuclear DNA content estimates in brown algae (Phaeophyta). AoB (doi:10.1093/aobpla/plr001).
  • Salomon, M. P., Ostrow, D., Phillips, N., Blanton, D., Bour, W., Keller, T., Levy, L., Sylvestre, T., Upadhyay, A. & Baer, C. (2009). Persistence time of mutations affecting fitness and body size in Caenorhabditis briggsae and C. elegans. Genetics (183:685-692).
  • Phillips, N., Salomon, M., Custer, A., Ostrow, D., & Baer, C. (2009). Spontaneous mutational and standing genetic (co)variation at dinucleotide microsatelittes in Caenorhabditis briggsae and C. elegans. Molecular Biology and Evolution(26:659-669).
  • Phillips, N., Calhoun, S., Moustafa, A., Bhattacharya, D. & Braun, E. (2008). "Genomic insights into evolutionary relationships among heterokont lineages emphasizing the Phaeophyceae." Journal of Phycology. (44:15-18).
  • Braun, E. & Phillips, N. (2008). "Phylogenomics and secondary plastids: a look back and a look ahead." Journal of Phycology. (44:2-6).
  • Phillips, N., Burrowes, R., Rousseau, F., Reviers B. de., & Saunders, G. (2008). "Resolving evolutionary relationships among the brown algae using chloroplast and nuclear genes." Journal of Phycology (44:394-405).
  • Ostrow, D., Phillips, N., Avalos, A., Blanton, D., Boggs, A., Keller, T., Levy, L., Rosenbloom, J. & Baer, C. (2007). "Mutational Bias for Body Size in Rhabditid Nematodes." Genetics 176: 1653-1661.
  • Christine Crowe, Katherine Kelley, Mike Spoganetz, Wayne Morra, Thomas Butynski, Gail Hearn, Naomi Phillips. (2007). "Before extinction: Bioko primate microsatellite characterization efforts." Presented at the 3rd Conservation and Genetics conference. American Natural History Museum. NY.
  • Phillips, N., Salomon, M., Custer, A., Keller, T., Ostrow, D., Rosenbloom, J. & Baer, C. F. (2007). "Direct estimates of the rate and spectrum of microsatellite mutations in Rhabditid nematodes." Presented at the Molecular Biology and Evolution Meetings. Halifax, NS.
  • Yoon, S. H., Chojnowski, J. L., Phillips, N.,  D. Battacharya, E. Braun (2006). "Phylogenomic characterization of the basal alga Choristocarpus tennellus (Phaeophyceae)." Presented at the Evolution 2006, Stony Brook, New York.
  • Baer, C., Phillips, N., Ostrow, D., Avalos, A., Blanton, D., Boggs, A., Keller, T., Levy, L., & Mezerhane, E. (2006). "Cumulative effects of spontaneous mutations for fitness in Caenorhabditis: role of genotype, environment and stress." Genetics 174:1387-95.
  • Phillips, N., Morden, C. & Smith, C. M. (2005). "Testing systematic concepts of Sargassum (Fucales, Phaeophyceae) using portions of the Rubisco Operon." Phycological Research 53: 1-10.

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