Best Practices for Keeping a Computer Healthy

Below are tips on maintaining a healthy computer. More information on computer security and privacy issues can be found under the Technology tab on MyArcadia, the campus Web portal.

Keep Your Computer Up-to-date

  • PC users should either turn on Automatic Updates or visit and install all security updates.
  • MAC users apply any software updates presented to them by the Software Updater.

Run both Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware — be sure to keep the definitions up to date

  • Arcadia University provides free anti-virus (Symantec Corporate Addition) to students living in the residence halls.

Use a software-based Personal Firewall

  • Confirm configuration with the instructions for your firewall.
  • Students in the residence halls note that hardware based routers are prohibited by the ResNet Policy and should not be used.

Avoid Spam

  • Never make a purchase from an unsolicited email
  • If you do not know the sender of an unsolicited email message, delete it
  • Never respond to any spam messages or click on any links in the message
  • Avoid using the preview functionality of your email client software
  • When sending email messages to a large number of recipients, use the blind copy (BCC) field to conceal their email addresses
  • Never provide your email address on websites, newsgroup lists or other online public forums
  • Have and use one or two secondary email addresses
  • Never give your primary email address to anyone or any site you don't trust
  • Arcadia personnel WILL NEVER ask for your password.

Don’t Get ‘Phished’

  • Never respond to emails that request personal financial information
  • Visit banks' websites by typing the URL into the address bar
  • Keep a regular check on your accounts
  • Check the website you are visiting is secure
  • Be cautious with emails and personal data
  • Always report suspicious activity
  • Don’t leave your password blank
  • Arcadia personnel WILL NEVER ask for your password.

Never Click on Pop-ups

  • Always close using ‘X’ in top right corner. If ‘X’ is greyed out – CRTL + ALT + DEL and End Task Internet Explorer

Never Leave Your Laptop Unattended

  • Use a laptop lock

Simple Reminders

  • Keep food and drinks away from your computer
  • Use a surge protector

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