Saving Money while Going Green

  • “It may sound simple,” notes Tom Macchi, Associate Vice President for Facilities Management, “but the Physical plant has made a concerted effort to stop all drippy faucets, running toilets and other water leaks on campus in an effort to conserve our water use.” A faucet/flush valve replacement program has been initiated in this effort.
  • “Arcadia has replaced water-cooled mechanical systems to eliminate wasteful water discharge, that is to say that the University replaced these units with high efficiency air cooled systems—ice machines, coolers, etc.,” notes Macchi.
  • “Arcadia has updated kitchen equipment to mitigate energy loss of steam-heated appliances by converting several steam driven systems to electric, as they now are activated only on demand (on an as needed basis as opposed to running 7x24x365 previously),” he says.
  • Arcadia uses micro filtration to extend cooking oil life.
  • The University installed several dedicated water meters to accurately reflect irrigation use/costs as well as to capture savings by eliminating sewer charges from these water sources.
  • “Arcadia University is currently installing its first waterless urinal for testing at the Kuch Center!” Macchi notes.
  • “Arcadia has installed over 30 high efficiency ‘power flush’ toilets that require significantly less water and yet provide positive flushes and are not subject to running or clogs,” he adds.
  • Whenever possible, Arcadia University purchases only “green bulbs” for Campus use—they contain no mercury.
  • Arcadia now uses energy efficient compact florescent bulbs when it is feasible to do so.
  • The University continues lighting retrofits—the dining hall was a good example of its continuing quest for higher efficiency through lighting retrofits.
  • The Taylor Hall window replacement program continues with phase 2 being completed in a few weeks. This project provides enhanced thermal insulation for the building.
  • Arcadia University is looking into recapturing/recycling storm water and or local aquifer sources for conversion to irrigation/pool filling use.
  • Arcadia has eliminated two automobiles from its facilities Fleet, trading these in for smaller fuel efficient golf carts.
  • Arcadia is swapping out its existing trash compaction systems with newer, more powerful units. These will assist the University by decreasing pickups and subsequent charges from its waste vendor (less trips saves fuel as well).
  • Arcadia University added an additional corrugated box recycling bin to the food service area.

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