Implementing EPA Recommendations

EPA analysis has provided, for the first time, the Arcadia University carbon footprint as it pertains to our emissions discharges. This has been helpful in assisting the University with determining the best way to continually mitigate its overall contribution—simple awareness is a great help!

  • All underground storage tanks have been inspected and repairs made to the venting systems. Additional spill protection at all fill locations has further enhanced Arcadia’s ability to protect the environment.
  • Above ground tanks have been tested as well. The provision of a spill containment area around these structures has enhanced the University’s ability to further mitigate any potential spill.
  • Spill protection kits/canisters have been installed throughout campus to further enhance the University’s ability in-house to mitigate and control any spill incident that could effect the environment.
  • Established EPA satellite chemical waste receiving stations were installed within several buildings. These systems divert chemical waste disposal into a controlled reprocessing environment.
  • All medical waste is separately handled and processed in a specific manner.
  • Arcadia University converted the vast majority of housekeeping cleaning chemical used on a daily basis to citrus based cleaning systems.
  • During housekeeping chemical conversion, Arcadia installed chemical dispensers that provide exact amounts of dilution of all dispensed products—this means much less waste.
  • The University has converted many caustic maintenance cleaning chemicals to citrus based chemicals.
  • On Campus, paper towels and toilet tissue now in use contain between 20 and 40 percent recycled fiber.
  • Arcadia University created a campus tree inventory and has begun the removal of dangerous trees and limbs on Campus. It should also be noted that the University has been repopulating these trees in many locations. Certain areas had lost and not replaced trees in the past. The University is repopulating these locations with the original species that was once planted there, most notably around the Castle and the Walk of Pride.
  • Light pollution—Arcadia University is currently implementing lighting retrofit recommendations from the Landscape Master Plan. These retrofits will provide better lighting and mitigate light pollution at the same time.

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