Secane Resident Travels to China with Arcadia University’s Educators’ Preview

Glenside, PA—July 20, 2012—On June 19, Aaron Barkley of Secane, Pa., was one of eight high school guidance counselors and three teachers who traveled to China as part of Arcadia’s Educators’ Preview in China. The educators were accompanied by two senior staff members from Arcadia University’s Enrollment Management Office. 

Barkley, a counselor at Valley Forge Military Academy, was chosen from among more than 140 attendees in December 2011 at the Counselor Workshop and Luncheon sponsored by the Offices of Enrollment Management and International Affairs. This nine-day learning experience for educators, planned by the Office of International Affairs, in conjunction with overseas partners in China, mirrored the Arcadia University students’ preview opportunities. 

Educators’ Preview presented opportunities to learn more about Chinese history, culture, society and education through visits to Chinese universities and secondary schools, interactions with faculty, staff and students, and sightseeing tours.

“As a group we quickly bonded and realized that we had much in common in the role that we play in our respective schools,” says Barkley. “I can now share with my students through the Educators’ Preview experience how study abroad can shape their perspective on the importance of a global education, and to encourage them to consider Arcadia University, a leader in study abroad when they are applying to colleges. One of the many highlights of traveling the thousands of miles occurred when I saw one of my students from Valley Forge Military Academy, Sheng Young, who was visiting his home country with his parents.”

Educators’ Preview began in Beijing and from there the group traveled to Xi’an and Qingdao. Educational institutions visited included Beijing Wuzi University, Xi’an International University, Xi’an Foreign Language School and Jiaozhou No. 1 High School.

About Arcadia University: Arcadia University is a top-ranked private university in metropolitan Philadelphia and a national leader in study abroad and international education. The 2011 Open Doors report ranks Arcadia University a top leader in the nation in undergraduate study abroad. U.S. News & World Report ranks Arcadia University among the top regional universities in the North and as one of the top study abroad programs. U.S. News also ranks Arcadia’s Physical Therapy program among the top 15 in the nation. Arcadia’s Physician Assistant students score in the elite 4thpercentile on national boards. Arcadia University promises a distinctively global, integrative and personal learning experience that prepares students to contribute and prosper in a diverse and dynamic world. (