Counseling Services General Information

Mission Statement

Arcadia University Counseling Services exists to help students resolve concerns that may interfere with academic success. The counselors provide a safe, confidential place in which students have an opportunity to identify their problem areas, and assists students in finding creative solutions to them. Counseling Services also provides educational programs, consultation and outreach to the larger campus community regarding prevention and overall emotional health and wellness.

Services include:

  • Counseling and crisis intervention to students with personal concerns and/or adjustment issues. When more intensive help is required, the counselors assist students and their families in accessing additional resources.
  • Consultation with Arcadia University faculty, administrators, staff, students and parents regarding mental health concerns.
  • Information about community resources relating to emotional wellness and mental health issues.
  • Education through numerous outreach efforts including: programs, campaigns, screenings, staff trainings etc. Library resources are also available.
  • Support in group settings periodically offered around such issues as: Disordered Eating, Grief and Loss, Family Issues, Date Rape, Relationships, Students taking psychotropic medications


In accordance with the ethical standards of the American College Personnel Association, information will be shared with a third party "only when the student gives permission, or when required to prevent harm to themselves or others."  This includes any "third party" involved with the student, including faculty, administrators, staff, parents and friends.

Eligibility for Counseling Services

All full-time undergraduates and graduate students enrolled in full-time graduate programs (Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant, International Peace and Conflict Resolution, Genetic Counseling, Forensic Science) are eligible for free counseling services. Part-time students are eligible for 2 free sessions; 6 sessions at $25 each; subsequent sessions are $40 each.


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Counseling Services

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