Student Health Insurance Policy

Arcadia University has initiated a “hard waiver” policy which requires every full-time undergraduate student to have health insurance. If the student does NOT have health insurance, the cost of the insurance premium will be billed to your account. This charge can only be reversed by completing the online waiver form. The 2014-2015 insurance premium rate is $1,340 for 12 months of coverage. To enroll in or waive the University student health insurance plan, please go to, select “Arcadia University” from the drop down menu, click on the “enroll now” or “waive your school’s insurance” tab and follow the instructions. If there are any problems with enrollment or the waiver process, please contact the University’s student health insurance broker, RCM&D at 1-800-346-4075 and speak with Timothy Cummons. Mr. Cummons may also be reached via email at Student Health Services does NOT answer questions/issues that are associated with RCM&D,, or the enrollment or waiver process.

Directions to Register or Waive Out:

  • All students will receive a letter in the mail explaining how to register or waive out of the insurance. You can complete the Enroll/Waive process by going to the Student Accounts webpage at, select your school, click on the Enroll/Waive insurance button and follow the directions.
  • If you have any questions contact Timothy Cummons at 800-346-4075 ext 1452 or or
  • View plan contact information.

Check Your Coverage

It is always a good idea to take the time to understand the insurance coverage that one has. Special attention should be paid to whether it is an HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) or PPO (Preferred Provider Organization), because these types of plans may require one to see a designated provider, or may have deductibles that must be met if providers outside of their network are used. Also, some plans cover only specific geographic areas. If the student is not from the local Philadelphia area, it is best to check with the insurance company as to how its coverage will work while the individual is away at school. 

Whenever possible, the student should have their own copy of insurance cards. It is beneficial to the student to know what the co-pays are on medical insurance and prescription plans.

Prescription Plans

If a student has a prescription plan, it is recommended that they submit a copy of both sides of their card with their health record. The student should also know if the prescription plan is contracted with specific pharmacies or whether any pharmacy can be used. In the event that medication needs to be ordered for the student, having this information will expedite the process at a time when the student may not feel well enough to take care of it.

About Our Services

Arcadia University Student Health Services, in most instances, does not charge for visits, and also stocks many prescription and over-the counter medications at costs lower than most co-pays.

  • Student Health Services is not an HMO or PPO provider
  • Student Health Services cannot bill insurance companies
  • Students are billed directly, and can pay by check, cash, Visa/Mastercard, or bill their student account. They are then responsible for submitting claim forms to their individual insurance companies for reimbursement.

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