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When I turned twenty one
I went out with my friends.
They said it would be lots of fun,
That the shots wouldn't end.
And though I didn't want to start a fight,
My friends all took the cue.
We drank responsibly that night
So we can turn twenty-two
-blatantly ripped-off from
AE Housman's "When I was One-and-Twenty"

Keep yourself and your friends safe during this momentous time.
Be safe and be responsible!

Here's some tips from fellow classmates who have turned 21:

"Personally, I believe that being a responsible drinker comes from within yourself.  Friends can always pressure you to drink more because they find it amusing, but only you can know when enough is enough."
-Andrea Ketschek

"Turning 21 is supposed to be fun, so my advice is to go out with friends who know you well and that you can trust.  Thay way they will be there to keep an eye on you, but most importantly - you have to know your own limits!"
-Steph String

Some links for more information:
e-chug - Assess your own drinking behavior!

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