Prescription Policy

Prescriptions and insurance cards are faxed from Student Health Services (SHS) to:

Wesley Pharmacy
108 South Easton Road
Glenside, Pa. 19038
Phone: 215-887-4577
Fax: 215-887-4505

  • Students will be e-mailed when a prescription is delivered to SHS, and it should be picked up that day (SHS is open 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. daily).
  • Students are responsible to pay for all prescriptions that are delivered to SHS.
  • PLEASE understand that once a prescription is filled and delivered to SHS, a student cannot then go to Wesley Pharmacy to get that particular medication.
  • Promptly picking up prescriptions at SHS is important and “Your Best Bet In Avoiding Problems.”
  • Students can charge to their student account, use cash, check, Visa, or Mastercard when picking up prescriptions in SHS.
  • Student Health Services cannot initiate, renew, or refill any psychiatric medications. Students on psychiatric medications must make arrangements with the prescribing provider.

Please call Student Health Services 215-572-2966 or visit at Heinz Hall.

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Contact Student
Health Services

For an Emergency:
Dial Ext. 2999 or

To Make an
Call 215-572-2966


Mailing Address:
Arcadia University
Student Health Services
450 S. Easton Road
Glenside, PA 19038

Heinz Hall, Ground Floor

215-572-2966 or ext. 2966
Fax: 215-881-8787