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How The Parents' Network Works

The Arcadia University Parents' Network provides a communication link between parents and the University administration. It provides an opportunity for the sharing of questions and answers between parents on all aspects of college life.  Through Parents' Network, the University has a special avenue of communication to parents about the mission and purpose of the University, the philosophy of education and the philosophy of Student Affairs.  Parents' Network also provides parents an avenue of communication with the administration about their interests and concerns.  Parents' Network members are encouraged to participate in programs and events in support of and sponsored by the University through the Office of Student Affairs and the Office of Enrollment Management.

The Structure 

All parents are members of Parents' Network. Parents can become active members by participating in any one or more of the activities listed below.  Active members select a President to serve as liaison between the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and the network membership. 

Parents' Network Activities

Members of the Parents' Network participate in three primary areas: Enrollment Management Open Houses, New Student Orientation, and the Parents Fund. 

Enrollment Management Open Houses

Current members of Parents' Network are invited to attend each Enrollment Management Open House program to welcome parents of new students and provide them guidance, support and parental insights.  Parent's Network members may also participate in a Parents' Panel to provide prospective students and their parents an "insider's perspective" on Arcadia.

New Student Orientation

Current members of Parents' Network are invited to attend summer and fall orientation programs to welcome parents of new students and provide them guidance, support and parental insights.

The Parents Fund

The Parents Fund is a fund that raises financial resources to support Arcadia University students now and in the future. Through the fund, we hope to extend the culture of philanthropy that currently exists and identify ways to encourage and expand parental participation to support students and campus priorities.


Parents' Network sponsors two meetings per year - one in the fall semester (usually in October during Family Weekend) and one in the spring semester (usually in February).

At both meetings, a staff member from Student Affairs is available to answer questions you may have about campus life in general. The meetings provide an opportunity for parents to share with each other the changing roles they experience that redefine relationships with their young adults.  If necessary, the election of a new President may also occur at one of the meetings.

How Can You Become an Active Member of Parents' Network? 

Becoming an active member of Parents' Network means that you will be included on a list of parents who would like to participate in any of the three Parents' Network activities.  To become an active member, all you need to do is send an e-mail to parentsnetwork@arcadia.edu.  We welcome your participation!


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